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They are simply words

and until they remain words nothing happens but,

by putting them into practice, they will turn into things.

You make them work.

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Regia Tecnica ed Artistica

The principle of a director's work is the search for perfection, therefore, every uncertainty, every slightest flaw is not tolerable. Expertise, setting, and performance are the three key factors that define the result.

"Many times, I have had the opportunity to direct pieces in the most important Italian theaters. Giving times and orders with precision to the artists and the technical teams for the scenographic movements; it was a great school. I learned the value of small things and the importance of technical and human factors to be coordinated and controlled, to obtain the highest quality, which, effectively, is achieved through the efficiency of the people and the perfection of the management, without neglecting any detail and foreseeing everything that may happen."

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Technology rental for video shooting

Video shooting for television and events, meetings, and congresses

On top of the selection of images for the shooting, there is always technique in support of it; the knowledge of the technical medium, the camera menu, the colorimetry, the depth of field, the changes of focus, the camera movements, the lighting, the shooting of the sound and then, the choice of the shot.


And then there is the creativity, the way of filming, the naturalness of the action, the choice of movement, the invention beyond the technique.


The shooting documents a fact, tells it, and places it in a context and the lens of the camera records the sequences of images that the director sets up and directs. The shooting mode and the selection of images broadcasted determine the sense of the story.


For a quality product, all the technical and artistic factors must be considered, the scenography, the position of the subjects, the lighting and much else besides.

We supply:

  • Cameras

  • Lighting systems

  • Sound systems and microphones

  • Video direction and accessories

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Let's make your stream together

Get in touch with us and the world of streaming to realize your multimedia event. All our expertise and the utmost professionalism is at your service.


Multimedia Streaming generates a flow of audio and video data that is transmitted over the Internet protocol to be reproduced in real time without physical boundaries, anywhere in the world.

Transmitting audio and video data professionally, competently and in high quality is our job.


The production of a flow stream is the result of an artistic and technological production line that integrates different types of technologies and professionals.


Today, it is possible to create multimedia content with television broadcast quality up to 4K, with professional audio and framing, insertion of graphics, films and overlay data even from your own home, thanks to the use of low-cost technologies.


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Television, Events, Live shows

Installation and programming of media server systems for video mapping and film and television productions, conventions, live theatrical and musical performances.

Rental supply and specialized technical assistance for the management of the main media servers existing on the market; Watchout, Catalyst Pm, Resolume Arena.

Twenty-five years of experience made us unique in the design, installation and management of media server systems in all types of events; for national television productions, for theatre, live shows, corporate events, multimedia events and video mapping.

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The 67 percent of technical investments turns out to be a bad investment, not being efficiently utilized. What is the reason for this?

When you select the technologies you need, you shall know what it is really useful and how to use it, as well as to identify what that equipment can do to turn your ideas into real technical and technological needs.

Our technical and artistic expertise makes us essential for designing the best equipment fleet based not only on the technical level but also on the equipment performance level.

This means making an economic saving by centering the choice and the extent of technologies in relation to real needs.

In summary:

1 Definition of the event

2 Technical and technological design

3 Technical realization

4 Technical and Artistic Direction of the Event

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A photographic shot is the synthesis of an action, of an intentionality, a moment of life that contains the whole story of an experience that lives with infinite movement.


Impress the soul in a photographic shot, wait for the instant in which to release the shutter and in a few thousandths of a second create the magic and make immortal the emotion of an embrace, the dawn of a new day, the rustling of a leaf.

Photographic reproduction of paintings and works of art

Photo digitization

Photo composition

Image cropping

Photography catalogs

Real estate photography

Corporate event photography

Reproduction of large format photographic prints on canvas, Forex, adhesive papers, fabrics


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