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If you are attentive, the instant you press the shutter button you already know what the result will be, it is tiny fractions of a second.

You have to follow your instinct, if you feel that you have to take up the camera and look into the lens you have to do it, you don't know why, you observe the scene in the viewfinder, focus and shoot; that is the best picture.


When you are photographing a crowd, an environment with a lot of movement, the only thing to do is wait for the right moment, you don't have to look for it, you have to feel it.

Everything that moves follows a predetermined path, animals move in a certain way, birds follow certain trajectories, everything has a pattern except human beings who don't move in flocks, they are irrational.

This is why you cannot predict how your photo will turn out, because there is no pattern and the image you imagined capturing will become another, completely different, but spontaneously unique.

Panorama IMG_1235.jpeg
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