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The recent success of social platforms as YouTube and Vimeo, of the video communication services such as Zoom or Webex, have increased the demand for streaming broadcasting services, not to be confused with the on-demand streaming services offered by platforms such as Sky and Netflix.


Streaming is a technology that allows a potentially infinite audience to watch your event filmed by cameras and follow it live on their phones, laptops and smart televisions, watching from the comfort of their homes, from the office, while working or on vacation.

Whether it is a simple video call or a videoconference, the technical component is a fundamental added value, a factor that can decide the success or failure of a communication process.

By contacting us you will find all the expertise and technologies necessary for the realization of your event in live streaming.

To give you an example of the services we can perform for you, here follows a short list of key activities for your successful event:

• Definition of the event

• Technical and technological planning

• Technical implementation

• Technical and Artistic Direction

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